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Collaborate with leading industry experts through our Research Platform.
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Expert networks

Collaborate with industry experts

Leverage insights from the smartest people around the world and make great decisions.

Whether you need to speak to five experts or five hundred, our platform helps you scale your projects without the stress.

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Connect with industry experts

Gather insights from the world's best experts through calls and more.
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Create your own expert network

Build your own expert network and gather insights without administrative hassle.
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Manage all your expert networks

Deliver large scale projects by managing all your expert networks in one place.
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A platform that simplifies everything

Alleviate the hassle of project admin and focus on what really matters – leveraging insights and making great decisions.

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Enhanced expert filtering

Compare and contrast experts with our standardized expert rating system.

Automate your call scheduling

Save valuable time with smart auto-scheduling features based on your preferences.

Speak to experts via Zoom, browser or phone

However you connect with experts, our platform ensures it's a seamless experience.

99% call transcription accuracy

Harness our market-leading transcription accuracy, powered by advanced machine learning and quality assured by expert vetters.

On-demand recording

Recording calls should be simple, so we make sure it is with on-demand recording.

Transcript library

Our platform allows you to make your transcripts instantly accessible, searchable and shareable for enhanced project collaboration.

Continue the conversation with messenger

Need to ask a quick follow-up question? Use our central messenger to get quick responses from your experts.


Survey the world

Create and deploy standardized questionnaires and survey entire expert panels. proSapient supports you on your entire journey from survey design through to deployment

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Why ProSapient

AI technology with a human touch

proSapient's market-leading AI technology is backed by a team of exceptional people. Our technology and team work in tandem to connect you with the best experts in the industry.


Intuitive AI technology

Our platform leverages powerful AI and machine learning to locate the best experts for your project.

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Backed by exceptional people

AI only works with human expertise. That's why our technology is backed by our expertly trained team.

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Stress-free scalability

proSapient takes the stress out of scaling with smart, time-saving features and enhanced project management.

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Tailored project solutions

We’re here for you

Chat, call, or text. Our people are always here to help you collect knowledge, make great decisions and ensure your projects are a success.

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