Manage all your expert networks in one place

proSapient makes your team's life easier. Our platform collates your expert networks in one place with a host of powerful project management features, saving you time and hassle.

Streamline your expert network workflow today.
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Use cases

Powerful features streamline your workflow

Our platform mitigates the pain points of a non-centralized expert network workflow, saving your teams 20+ hours per project.

The proSapient platform:
Organizes and curates expert profiles in one place
Automates call-scheduling based on your preferences
Offers highly-accurate transcripts with every call
How it works

Technology that simplifies everything

The proSapient platform simplifies each step of your expert network project. Discover some of its most powerful features:

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Simple project setup

With proSapient, you can send project requests to all of your networks in just a few clicks. You can also send real-time project updates with ease.

Our expert list works harder

See all your experts from all sources in one place with standardized bios and ratings. Our smart logic removes all duplicates for you.

Powerful auto-scheduling software and integrations

proSapient integrates with your work or team calendar and also features auto-scheduling to make booking expert calls seamless.

Enhanced communication with central messaging center

All communications with expert network consultants can be conducted through the platform. Provide project updates and query experts from one place.

Higher quality transcriptions up to 99% accuracy

proSapient's blend of cutting-edge speech-to-text AI and skilled human vetters can deliver 99% accurate call transcripts.

Monitor network performance

Know who is delivering with dashboard views to monitor network performance and track budget spend.

Discover how proSapient can simplify your expert network workflow today

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