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proSapient offers a smarter way to deploy B2B and B2C surveys at scale. Ask the right questions to the right people and generate high-quality responses.

Use cases

A smarter survey solution

Our team is built on the following principles:

Our powerful survey builder does all the heavy lifting, allowing you to focus on quantitative insights.


Easier survey building

Upload a draft and we build your survey, with flexible edits and revisions.


Panel Aggregator asks the right people

We aggregate over 100 panel providers and our smart survey logic guarantees the best match.


Real-time survey insights

Receive results in real-time and analyze your data at a glance.


Instant translation

Preview translations at a click of a button and view multilingual survey drafts side-by-side.


Backed by expert human support

From drafting questions to deployment, our team guides you every step of the way.


Extra QA via survey soft launch

We soft launch your survey to a small selection of respondents. This guarantees quality responses and allows for any last-minute tweaks before deploying at scale.


A simpler survey workflow

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Submit your draft and we help build your survey
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Edit the survey or add notes, and we offer advice on question phrasing and screening
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Demo the survey to check the flow
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Analyze the results in real-time
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