Compliance Frameworks

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Compliance Framework

Client Compliance

At proSapient, client compliance is of paramount importance. We are trusted to uphold strict client confidentiality measures and ensure sensitive information remains protected at all times.

We recognize the diverse needs of our clients and tailor compliance rules for their specific requirements and regulatory frameworks. Our dedicated compliance team diligently maintains and monitors these rules to ensure they are upheld, as well as provides reports that offer insight into their adherence levels.

We implement diligent screening processes for experts, so that qualified and compliant individuals are engaged in our clients’ projects. By prioritizing client compliance across all facets of our operations, we foster trust, mitigate risk, and deliver exceptional service.

Expert Compliance

Expert compliance is central to our network's mission. Our expert terms and conditions set clear guidelines, prioritizing ethical conduct, confidentiality, and regulatory adherence to safeguard expert and client interests and rights.

Through comprehensive compliance training and robust monitoring mechanisms, experts can trust their interactions and contributions are handled with integrity and confidentiality.

Our compliance rules extend to protecting experts' personal data in accordance with GDPR regulations, ensuring their privacy is maintained at all times.

All associates at proSapient go through regular compliance training to help experts and clients with their queries.

AI Tech Compliance

By harnessing the capabilities of AI, we provide tools which streamline regulatory compliance processes. From automated compliance checks using proprietary Search AI to intelligent monitoring systems, our platform offers real-time visibility and actionable recommendations aligned with our compliance rules.

Our compliance and engineering teams are intricately aligned in building a tailored technological solution to any compliance requirement. This collaboration ensures the fast and effective implementation of any new or changing compliance framework or regulation.

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