Core features

Technology that connects you with the smartest people in the industry

Our technology connects you with industry-leading experts using cutting-edge AI search and machine learning. Find better experts, save time through automation, and enjoy stress-free project scalability.
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Features powered by AI, backed by exceptional people

Our features save you time by reducing admin and automating manual workflows. Focus on what really matters – gleaning insights from industry experts.


An expert list that works harder

Compare and contrast highly relevant experts  in one simple dashboard. If using multiple networks, removes duplicates and rank them intelligently

AI scheduling assistant

Our powerful auto-scheduling features take the hassle out of booking calls based on your preferences. Sync your work and team calendars for a fully customizable scheduling setup.

Modern conference experience

Interact with experts using Zoom video conferencing, browser dial in or traditional telephony.

Best-in-class transcript accuracy

We offer 99% accuracy call transcription using a blend of advanced AI and human vetters.

On-demand call recording

Stay focused on the conversation and record your calls at the push of a button.

Secure, searchable transcript library

Make your insights searchable, shareable and secure with proSapient's advanced transcript library.

Message experts directly

Follow up with industry experts, share documents and schedule your next call through our messenger

AI technology with a human heartbeat

The proSapient platform allows everyone to work smarter and faster. Our team combines industry knowledge with advanced Search AI to source the best people for your projects. Tedious tasks such as scheduling are automated and all key project information is available in real-time in a simple dashboard. Whether you need five or 500 experts, proSapient offers stress-free scalability without a loss in quality.

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