Core features

Technological innovators in the expert networking industry.

We are continuously reimagining what the expert networking landscape could look like and continue to be market-leading in our use of technology.  

People powered by AI

Our features save you time by reducing admin and automating manual workflows. Focus on what really matters – gleaning insights from industry experts.


An expert list that works harder

Compare and contrast highly relevant experts  in one simple dashboard.

AI scheduling assistant

Our powerful auto-scheduling features take the hassle out of booking calls based on your preferences. Sync your work and team calendars for a fully customizable scheduling setup.

Modern conference experience

Interact with experts using Zoom video conferencing, browser dial in or traditional telephony.

Best-in-class transcript accuracy

Free, 99% accurate call recordings and transcripts are guaranteed within 4 hours. Complimentary AI translations are also available on request in 48 languages.

Transcript AI-Summaries

Our transcript summaries prioritise your time by synthesising consultations so you can grasp the main points and essential details faster.


Secure, searchable transcript library

Make your insights searchable, shareable and secure with proSapient's advanced transcript library.

Message experts directly

Follow up with industry experts, share documents and schedule your next call through our messenger

Tell us about your project

Send us a brief overview of your projects and what you feel could be improved - our team will be happy to discuss how proSapient's technology can help you.

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