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Our technology connects you with industry-leading experts using cutting-edge AI search and machine learning. Find better experts, save time through automation, and enjoy stress-free project scalability.

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Cutting-edge AI

Finding industry experts starts with a search query such as: “Show me senior salespeople at company ABC”.
To deliver the very best recommendations, proSapient's SearchAI goes far beyond basic keyword matching.
Our features save you time by reducing admin and automating manual workflows. Focus on what really matters – gleaning insights from industry experts.
Search AI

SearchAI empowers everyone to work smarter

SearchAI empowers everyone (1)

SearchAI allows our team to work smarter by understanding their search queries. It sources and sorts the very best experts using advanced AI and entity analysis.

As proSapient associates use their industry knowledge to select experts, the model learns and improves with each project.

Surface untapped resources

proSapient's SearchAI can also be used to search your own internal expert databases or transcript libraries for both experts and insights. This allows you to uncover previously untapped resources, giving you a headstart for your next project.

Search AI Possibilities

How SearchAI finds better experts

Search queries are built on complex informational, semantic, and contextual relationships. Let's look at the example "show me senior salespeople at Company ABC."
Ingestion Enrichment Intelligence

SearchAI ingests data from diverse sources to create the most robust AI model. The more data, the better SearchAI can understand queries.


The query "senior salespeople at company ABC" is more complex than it first appears: It has job title equivalents *account manager;* language variants *Verkaufsleiter*; and company variants such as *ABC UK LTD* or *ABC PLC.*

By understanding all of this, SearchAI *enriches* keywords to create entities, leading to more relevant results and higher quality experts.


By understanding complex concepts such as project relevance, SearchAI can make intelligent expert recommendations. As proSapient associates select experts, the model gets smarter with every project.

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