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How we achieve 99% accuracy

Our blend of cutting-edge AI and trained human vetters allows us to deliver transcripts with 99% accurate transcripts, guaranteed within 4 hours.

Complimentary AI translations are also available on request in 48 languages.


Welcome to smarter, AI-powered productivity

Our transcript summaries prioritise your time by condensing consultations so you can quickly grasp the main points and essential details faster. 

This tool is instrumental in increasing users’ ability to research specific topics quickly. Our proprietary AI-powered algorithm is attuned to spotting overarching patterns in your transcript to provide users with impactful insights sourced rapidly from your consultation call.

Transcript library

Searchable, shareable, secure transcript library

Once a transcript has been approved by compliance, it can be immediately added to the transcript library. This transforms static internal knowledge into a dynamic library, searchable by topic, company, or expert.

Using powerful search AI, the library can even recommend relevant transcripts based on your search terms – this allows you to get a head start on your next project.

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