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How we achieve 99% accuracy

Our blend of cutting-edge AI and trained human vetters allows us to deliver transcripts with 99% accuracy.

Better transcripts

Best-in-class call transcripts


Our AI transcription engine analyses each project description and completed transcript to predict what technical jargon and company names to expect


After running through the initial-speech-to text AI, cleaning algorithms detect and remove stuttering, filler words, and common mistakes


The transcript is subdivided into smaller chunks of text, each sent to a different member of our ID-verified, compliance-trained Quality Assurance team for review


Our AI engine learns from the corrections made by our human QA team, meaning it gets smarter with every iteration.


After the initial round of QA, a second human vetter reviews each transcript chunk.


Once each transcript piece has been checked twice, the system reorganizes them into the final transcript.

Turnaround time

Rapid turnarounds without quality loss

Our hybrid approach allows us to deliver your transcripts quickly, accurately, and in a fully compliant manner.

The moment you submit your transcripts, our powerful proprietary algorithms get to work. After, transcripts are assigned to our highly skilled human vetters before the final hand-off to our QA team.

Transcript library

Searchable, shareable, secure transcript library

Once a transcript has been approved by compliance, it can be immediately added to the transcript library. This transforms static internal knowledge into a dynamic library, searchable by topic, company, or expert.

Using powerful search AI, the library can even recommend relevant transcripts based on your search terms – this allows you to get a head start on your next project.

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