Congratulations You've been invited to a project

We run knowledge projects on behalf of the world's leading management consulting and private equity firms.

If one of our team has reached out to you, it means that we believe you have the knowledge our client needs.



So what happens next?


Project goes live

We receive a brief from our client and look for experts who match that brief.


We reach out to you

If we believe your experience is relevant, we will reach out to you. Our clients often work on short timelines, so the quicker we can send your profile to our client, the more likely you are to receive consulting work.


Screening call

Before we present you to our client, we need to ensure that your knowledge is exactly what our client needs. We may provide you a screening form or call you to discuss the project. This information allows us to market you as the ideal expert to the client.


Client selection

The client will then decide which experts to speak to, based on your experience and your responses to our screening questions. A short compliance training module will precede your first call.


After the call.

We pay your consulting fee into whichever account and currency you need. Our payment processing typically takes 7-10 days.

Hear from our experts

We facilitate calls with thousands of professionals every month. Here are some of their stories.


An expert in the oil and gas industry


Hear from a retail expert


An expert in the ATM industry


Hear from a cybersecurity expert

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