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How we work together

proSapient's dedicated Client Service team dynamically source and qualify industry professionals ensuring interactions are highly targeted. Our team work in tandem with our AI-enabled expert matching to connect you with relevant, impactful opportunities.

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Great Company!

I have been working with proSapient now for a few years, and have completed a number of consultations with them, working with different colleagues each time. All I can say is, they are brilliant.

Payment is normally within 2 weeks. I would highly recommend!



Collin C

Expert | UK Based

Everyone working there has been responsive & helpful 

I have been working with proSapient for the past year and they have sourced several consultation opportunities for me.

Everyone working there has been responsive, helpful and the calls have been scheduled quickly and with ease. Payment is normally within 2 weeks. I would highly recommend working with them.



Sondra V

Expert | US Based

Taha was exceptional

Taha was very efficient, easy to get hold of & briefed me exceptionally well regarding the client, background & subject. He listened & was very diligent & prompt getting back to me with quality answers. A pleasure to work & communicate with.


Patrick W

Expert | EUR Based

Second time working with proSapient!

Second time working with proSapient. Easy, professional, and responsive service. as long as it's the right opportunity, the set up is easy and all you do is provide your consulting service. recommended.



Wendy Chan

Expert | Canada Based

This was a great experience.

The process was 100% online and every step of the process happened as they said it would including timely payment upon completion of consulting session. It is like the Uber of online expert consulting. And we are the drivers. If there were enough gigs I would just do this given my more than 30 years of practical experience.



Rick D

Expert | US Based

Speedy feedback and flexible.

Maheen shown very fast and speedy feedbacks, as my agenda need to shift a few times. She proved to be very helpful in re-arranging appointments, both by mail and phone. All in a professional and pleasant tone-of-voice.




Expert | Netherlands Based

How to become an expert

Our team custom source industry professionals to share their expertise with our clients, informing their decisions to achieve their goals.

We do not operate as a self-sign-up network, but instead recruit the best Industry professionals through AI-enabled expert matching, ensuring interactions are highly targeted, impactful, and relevant for both parties.

If you are interested in becoming an expert, stay connected with a proSapient Client Service's partners via our LinkedIn page to keep up to date with potential opportunities.

What to expect once you've been selected by our team

We run knowledge projects on behalf of the world's leading management consulting and private equity firms.

If one of our team has reached out to you, it means that we believe you have the knowledge our client needs.

How the expert process runs...

1. Our team sources experts

We receive research projects from our clients who are looking to investigate particular topics and our team dynamically sources relevant experts powered by our AI-enabled platform whose expertise matches the criteria.

2. We reach out to you

If we believe your experience is relevant to our client's needs, we will reach out to you directly.

3. Pre-qualifying

Before we present your profile to our client, our team will initially check your suitability on the topics for the consultation call via either a screening email or phone call to discuss your areas of expertise and project.

4. Client selection

We then put your profile forward to our client who will decide whether you align with their project based on your experience and your responses to our screening questions.

5. Compliance training required

If you are selected you are required to complete proSapient's compliance training module before you precede with the consultation

6. Consultation takes place

Our Client Service team will then schedule the consultation video call to take place between you and our client and send you all details prior.

7. Payment

Once a call is complete your consulting fee will be processed into whichever account and currency you need and typically takes 7-10 days.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to help

What is the definition of 'expert'?

'Expert' could seem like a daunting title, however in reality every individual has experiences and knowledge that are unique to them. That singularly makes them an expert in something.


The typical expert profile is commonly but not limited to the following criteria: 

  • An individual with experience in a particular field
  • An individual who is knowledgeable on a particular subject matter.
  • A customer or user of a certain product 
  • A customer or user of a rival product 
  • An academic 
  • An experienced individual at a certain company of interest 
  • Policy/compliance/sustainability (ESG) professional 
  • Someone who is experienced within a certain geography, region or market 
What is my information being used for?

proSapient runs projects on behalf of management consulting firms and private equity companies.

Generally, they are trying to learn about a topic or market that they don't have experience within. Therefore, they utilise experts, such as yourself, to learn more about their particular subject matter. Your contributions are completely anonymous and are used to form the basis of studies including market mapping and market sizing.

What happens if a project is paused, delayed, or canceled?

While we always strive to keep the expert experience as linear as possible, sometimes clients' needs change.

We understand that as an expert it may be frustrating to have a project be delayed or even canceled, but unfortunately, this is beyond our control. What we can control is an open channel of communication with our dedicated team to ensure you are kept up to date with the status of a project.

What are the benefits of becoming an expert?

There are some great benefits that coincide with becoming an expert such as:


  • Compensation once a call has been completed with a client
  • Exposure to key insights from some of the world’s leading investors and decision-makers.  
  • Opportunity to take part in more consultations
  • Long-term engagement opportunities
  • Expanding your professional network
What if I don't get selected by the client?

If you are not selected by our client to take part in a call we are unable to compensate you for your time. However, you will be enrolled on our platform and will be approached by our team when a project matches your experience. 

How long until I receive my payment?

Once a call is complete your consulting fee will be processed into whichever account and currency you need and typically takes 7-10 days.

What do I do if I haven't been paid?

It is proSapient’s number 1 priority to make sure each and every expert is paid the correct amount in a timely manner. 

If you haven't received your expected payment or  have any payment related issue please contact and your team will be happy to help you.

How do I change my profile details?

If you need to change your profile details including your email address, rate or any other information please email 

We’re here for you

If you have any questions or require any further guidance get in touch.